The Ambassador Program

Build together the best cooking and cultural experience for millions of travelers.


Develop quickly a VoulezVousDiner platform through business partners worldwide:

  • Either on a country base
  • Or on a large city base

Ambassadors’ profile

VoulezVousDiner ambassadors are either local entrepreneurs or local travel agents who wish to develop a unique and personalized service for tourists and/or local hosts with a strong personal network.

The VoulezVousDiner team operates all our ambassadors.

Program nature

The business partner signs a contract to promote VVD platform locally (country or large city). He or she is in charge of hiring local hosts and guests.

The VVD team is committed to developing the organization and booking platform, to supporting local language and currency and to publish local dinners to customers worldwide. If needed, the VoulezVousDiner team may offer local support to business partners for specific events.

Contract structure

The ambassador contract includes the following key elements:

  • A well defined assigned area: country or large city
  • Exclusivity over the assigned area
  • A one year term with a renewal option
  • No signing fees
  • A commission on every dinner booking made in the assigned area


Ambassador will perceive a commission on every dinner booking made in his or her assigned area.

VoulezVousDiner will refund 50% of service fees paid by guests when booking a dinner. Service fees account for 20% of the dinner pricing defined by the host.


Every host and guest must register with VoulezVousDiner in order to host or book dinners. Thus, country and town enter all VoulezVousDiner users into a geographical database.

VoulezVousDiner sets up a secure back office for Ambassadors. Ambassadors receive a secure login to check their booking volumes and track their VVD payments.

Payment are wired on a business partner account every end of month, based on last month actual bookings.

Specific conditions

When signing the contract, the ambassador commits to an annual dinner volume target. If this target isn’t met during the first 6 months, VoulezVousDiner reserves the right to terminate the contract.

The ambassador is responsible for ensuring compliance with local legal and administrative requirements, including any requirement VoulezVousDiner may be subject to behalf. In case of any third party claim, VoulezVousDiner is not liable and it may ask ambassador to answer or address the claim. In the event that a third party claim is not properly cured, VoulezVousDiner reserves the right to terminate the contract.

Program benefits

Product and platform development is fully supported by VoulezVousDiner.

Contract does not include signing fees.

Business model is clear and fair.

VoulezVousDiner enables ambassador to monitor business activity.

Contract is exclusive. Ambassador gets paid on every booking in assigned area.