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The idea of hosting a dinner originated from a party like that while we were talking about how food culture differentiate people and how dinning table linked people. A friend of mine. a mother of a cute French-Chinese boy suggested, 'Lu, you can make more people to try your food.' I mean... why not! I love having smart conversations with people and I am very proud of my cooking.

I am Lu from China. I live in Paris with my boyfriend, Axel. I love art and decorates the apartment with her paintings and plants, while Axel is big on board games. Our common passion? COOKING OUR NATIONAL FOODS!

In a family originated from Shandong, where Confucius and Mencius came from, I was born in Harbin, a Russian-style city in the snow-covered city in the Northeast China. At the age of 6, I moved to hilly Jiangxi Province on the south bank of the Yangtze River which is 6 hours' drive away from Shanghai or about 2 hours' flight from Hong Kong (not too far distance in Chinese conception :P ) with my family and grew up there until I left home for university.

Cooking is our traditional family event in all occasions. As the only granddaughter of the family, I joined the cooking crew at an early age with my grandmother, mother and aunts, while boys in the family were doing their things 'to be boys'. With the extension of the size of family, our menu also got extended. Northern food, southern food, seafood... western food these days since my eldest cousin and I moved abroad (London and Paris).

I learned many traditional recipes from my mother. My mother is a natural master of cooking. And it is her that taught me home cooking is the best way to say I love you and the best spicy is your real love. She is always the assertive chef who manages the big kitchen at my grandparents' and tell everyone what to do when we have a big feast, she is also always the kind mama in her ’laboratory of love‘ to pamper my tummy. Especially these years since I don't live with my family. she would start preparing the food for me several days in advance when I go to China to visit my family, and she could never help talking and talking about it until I eventually stand in front of her!

Having left home from over 10 years, food is always my all-cure medicine for homesickness. And I love the saying that 旅人若有乡愁,食物必定是最深沉的那一种 (If a traveler has a homesickness, the food must be the deepest one).

Here is the invitation! Come to have dinner and spend a great evening with us!
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Meet Lu
Paris, France

五彩春卷 (five-colour spring rolls)
果仁菠菜 (peanut & spinach salad)


啤酒鸭 (braised duck with white radish, slow cooked in beer)
荷塘月色 ('Moonlight over the Lotus Pond', stir-fried lotus root, black mushroom, carrots, and green beans)
白菜粉丝汤 (Chinese cabbage soup with thin glass noodles)


甜蜜玉米烙 (sweet corn pancake)


homemade lemongrass tea
Tsingtao beer