FOOD IS CULTURE : Korea - street food

What can really represent a country’s food culture is the street food. Especially in Asian, street food equals the daily life. No matter where you are, what time it is, when you go out, you can enjoy it. VoulezVousDiner will show you our FOOD IS CULTURE series. Let's check out what are the most populary street food in Korea! 

Street food 1: Man-du (만두)
Many varieties of dumplings exist in Korea. They include meat, veggies, and red bean paste. They can be steamed or fired and come in a variety of sizes.

Street food 2: Tteok-bokk-i ( 떡볶이)
The most popular street food in Korea. Made with rice and dipped in th spicy sauce. Enjoy it with a skewer on the street as the Koreans do!

Street food 3: O-deng ( 오뎅)
Another very popular snack in Korean. These are fish cakes cooked in broth and can be eaten very quickly. Cheap and you can find it in every corner on the street. 

Street food 3: Gyeran-bbang ( 계란 빵)
Winter snack that is basically a muffin type bread with an egg. They are sweet with a small touch of salt. 

And you? What's your favorite hansik / 한식 (Korean cuisine)? Share it with us on our Facebook  or publish your Korean cooking on VoulezVousDier :D