5 wonderful dinners in Paris!


If you are touring in Paris, you probably want to meet locals, discover interesting things about French habits, try one of a parisian's favorite red wine, eat in a really parisian living room, eat a huge plate of cheese and not one or two small pieces you sometimes have in a café... You probably want to make friends and to have a conversation during a whole evening, describe your travel and listen to some explanations on the strange things you have seen.....

Well, you are at the right place, here you will see a sample of the dinners from http://www.voulezvousdiner.com , for a parisian fascinating experience !


#1: Sichuan Delights

Discover a fine type of Chinese food from the Sichuan, a province of southwest China which is renowned for its spicy but subtle dishes.
You can meet Rui from Thursdays to Sundays, and try his amazing food. Eggplant cooked with garlic, green pepper, and a secret sauce.
Pieces of chicken with spicy taro. Spareribs, shrimps and nian gao bites. An enchanted culinary travel!

Reservation here: https://www.voulezvousdiner.com/fr/dinner/paris/delices-du-sichuan-457.html



#2: French food and conviviality

Discover a very charming host, her Parisian interior and French cooking.
Marie Christine is fond of cooking and traveling, she is a welcoming host who will make you discover the real French food: from the feuilleté de canard to the blanquette de veau. 

An immersion in how France really looks like and tastes!

Reservation here: https://www.voulezvousdiner.com/fr/dinner/paris/bons-petits-plats-et-convivialite-662.html



#3: Traditional food from Guadeloupe

Get ready to be surprised by Angie’s awesome food from Guadeloupe!

A typical menu from the islands: the main course is a chicken stuffed with mushrooms that you won’t forget, and the desert is called on the “Route du Rhum” (rhum’s road)! Just go, and you’ll see.

Reservation here: https://www.voulezvousdiner.com/fr/dinner/paris/diner-bistronomique-sur-la-route-du-rhum-2373.html



#4: The most yummy French dinner is gluten free

Let’s just have an overview of the menu: home cooked guacamole, hummus and tuna rillettes, salmon, goat chese, and fennel tartlets, canelés from Bordeaux….
It is more or less a list of our team’s favorite food.
If you want to meet Mailys, a wonderful cook and a charming host passionate by cooking, traveling and art: try this dinner!

Reservation here: https://www.voulezvousdiner.com/fr/dinner/paris/no-gluten-french-dinner-with-a-twist-1293.html



#5: Try the vegetable cookpot

The picture is our host’s wonderful interior, where you might have the chance to taste a paté en croute de canard, a vegetable cookpot, or rose meringues.
Soazig is a very welcoming host, who has a talent for cooking and thanks to whom you will spend a very enjoyable dinner.

Reservation here: https://www.voulezvousdiner.com/fr/dinner/paris-le-marais/cookpot-de-legumes-2596.html