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Kathleen from Toronto about eating with locals

I filled out the review for the dinner with Diane and her husband Yves that we had on July 4, 2011 and I just wanted to have an opportunity to say more.

GirlsGuideToParis, Meeting Real Parisians

The world is getting smaller. Many of us are jetting to several places a year, often in several different countries. Still, sometimes a trip to a foreign place, especially when you’re traveling by yourself, can seem lonely—like you’re living in the movie Lost in Translation. Perhaps you are in Paris for business for an extended time, or are trying like mad to meet a vrai Parisian, but the waiter you’ve encountered just isn’t that friendly.

Feedback from Susan about VVD

Voulez vous diner avec moi, ce soir? In a wonderful twist on the popular song from Baz Lurhman’s movie, Moulin Rouge, an enterprising company in Paris has set up a venture to help visitors to Paris have a more authentic and personalised dining experience.

Letters from my dining table in the south of france

I am inspired by all of the brilliant ideas that are out there. I came across Voulez-Vous Dîner on Twitter and thought it was the most clever and creative thing I’d heard of in a long time. You’ve probably heard or read about the ‘secret’ dinners in Paris. How you can sign up to share a meal in someone’s home, meeting other tourists and having an authentic meal and experience. I’ve always thought these dinners were so cool.

Dining in France – The real French food Experience

Many visitors to France never get to experience what it is like to have a real French meal with French locals when dining in France. Although many search for an authentic French food experience when they consider where to eat in Paris, in the home of a local Parisian is rarely considered, but that is all about to change…

Greetings from Danila and Zhanna, Moscow

This visit was our second time in Paris. We have started to plan it along ago – in the summer of 2011. Once in the morning, discussing our plans and deciding which sites to visit, we have seen the report on the TV. It was about the “Voulez-vous dinner”. Renaud was talking about his great idea of organizing dinners with Parisians.