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Dinners with locals everywhere!

Food love: Mikado's 2015 advertising

Everybody knows MIKADO, a delicious Japanese chocolatey-biscuity snack.

Let's take a look their new advertising campaigne. (Smile~~~)

VVD interview: eat with locals in Barcelona- Meet Guillermo and Christina

Share a dinner with the locals. Meet Guillermo & Christine in Barcelona :) 
Check out our interview with them!

Chocolate bunny butt cake

Is this funny bunny digging in the dirt and raiding the garden of carrots? Hop to it and make this all chocolate bunny butt cake recipe before he gets away!

Eat with locals in Prague: Meet Daniele

Share a dinner with the locals. Meet Daniele & her friends in Prague :) 
Check out our interview with her!

Global Dining etiquette

Let's learn some table manners & do-don't... from different countries!
Gosh~~~ we need to be very careful in Japan! It's quite complicated on the table!

VoulezVousDiner infographic: amazing numbers 2014