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Dinners with locals everywhere!

Tuto: Take professional quality photos with your smartphone !

Here is a short guide to help you take pictures of your dishes. 

VVD Christmas handcraft idea ;)


Christmas is coming. Do some handcrafts with VoulezVousDîner ;) 

Happy VVD Summer event

VoulezVousDîner organized an aperitif-picnic at Square du Vert- Galant in Paris. Great successed !

5 wonderful dinners in Paris!


If you are touring in Paris, you probably want to meet locals, discover interesting things about French habits, try one of a parisian's favorite red wine, eat in a really parisian living room, eat a huge plate of cheese and not one or two small pieces you sometimes have in a café... You probably want to make friends and to have a conversation during a whole evening, describe your travel and listen to some explanations on the strange things you have seen.....

Well, you are at the right place, here you will see a sample of the dinners from http://www.voulezvousdiner.com , for a parisian fascinating experience !

It is time to prepare your next trip! VVD will inspire you!

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