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Dinners with locals everywhere!

VVD Christmas handcraft idea ;)

December 20 2016


Christmas is coming. Do some handcrafts with VoulezVousDîner ;) 

Happy VVD Summer event

September 25 2016

VoulezVousDîner organized an aperitif-picnic at Square du Vert- Galant in Paris. Great successed !

5 wonderful dinners in Paris!

July 6 2016


If you are touring in Paris, you probably want to meet locals, discover interesting things about French habits, try one of a parisian's favorite red wine, eat in a really parisian living room, eat a huge plate of cheese and not one or two small pieces you sometimes have in a café... You probably want to make friends and to have a conversation during a whole evening, describe your travel and listen to some explanations on the strange things you have seen.....

Well, you are at the right place, here you will see a sample of the dinners from http://www.voulezvousdiner.com , for a parisian fascinating experience !

It is time to prepare your next trip! VVD will inspire you!

April 11 2016

VoulezVousDiner's new friend: 9flats (feel like home, always!)

January 27 2016

FOOD IS CULTURE : Korea - street food

December 1 2015

What can really represent a country’s food culture is the street food. Especially in Asian, street food equals the daily life. No matter where you are, what time it is, when you go out, you can enjoy it. VoulezVousDiner will show you our FOOD IS CULTURE series. Let's check out what are the most populary street food in Korea!